The Best Reports You Should Know in Google Analytics

The Best Google Analytics Reports You Should Know

Published 8/6/2021

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Google Analytics is a billion dollar software that you can install and use on your website for free!

Most companies selling products or services online will generally just look at how many visitors come to the site, and how much revenue they bring.

While these are always exciting reports to view, there’s a few which will show you how to take action and potentially further increase your visitors and revenue.

If you do not already have Google Analytics set up on your website you can checkout our quick guide here: Get Started with GA

GA Visitors By Device Report

Know who is coming to your website is always important. The benefit of this report is knowing what devices are most used on your site. This way you can further optimize for that device. 

Knowing which device the user is using is key! Unless your demographic is 80 years+, its likely most of your traffic is coming through on a mobile device.

From this report you can check out by day, week, month or any custom period, as well as compare periods.

Fortunately now, Google has made it VERY EASY to find such a report without much clicking.

Simply type “Visitors by device” in the top search box.

Then on the right side the search box appears where you can then click “Go to Report”

This report will show you the device category (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), the respective users for each device, bounce rate, pages, etc.

Visitors By device google analytics report

GA Revenue by Device Report

As a business knowing who your customers are and how they are making purchases is very important. This way you can further optimize your site for each device type (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Preface: You will need to have eCommerce set up on your site for Google to collect your revenue and transactions data. If you are not sure how to do so please feel free to Contact Us

Once again Google Analytics has made it easy to retrieve this report.

Simply type “Revenue by device” in the top search bar. The search result will display on the right side of the page, where you can then click “Go to report”.

On the report page you can filter by date in the upper right of the page.
You will also see Device category with all the respective data associated to it.

Google analytics revenue by device report

GA High Bounce Rate By Page Report

Knowing which page you’re customer lands on is great. However in respect to further gaining traction for your business, you want to know where your customer is also leaving from. You should be looking for a couple of things with this report:

  1. What are my highest bouncing pages (where customers leave the most)
  2.  Which page or source do the customers come from?

By using this report you will be able to answer the above questions as well as have a good idea which pages or navigation paths to optimize.

To get this report in Google Analytics, you can type in the top search box “Bounce rate by page“. From the right side search results click “Go to report”. 

You will now see by default the highest bounce rate by page views. You can click on the “Bounce Rate” column to sort ascending and descending bounce rate by page.

It would be best to view these high bounce rate pages and identify what your customer wasn’t finding, or why they would leave on that particular page.

Additionally to gain further insights: You are able to add a Secondary Dimension to this report such as;

  • Landing Page – Find which page your visitor came to your site
  • Source – See which source channel the browser came from like Organic, Paid, or Social
  • Source / Medium – Show not only the source but the but also the referrer of this source such as; Google, or Facebook

Which Channel Sources Are Your Customers Coming From

Identifying the source of which your visitor came to your site from came be extremely beneficial. You will know where they came from and how effective that channel is for your website.

To find this report in Google Analytics in the top search box simply type “Traffic channels”, on the right-side search results click “Go to report”.

From here you will see all of the channel sources for your website as well as their each respective data. 

In addition to this to get a deeper insight you can add a Secondary Dimension. To add a secondary dimension simply click the “Secondary Dimension” drop down and you can select any option you’d like to see.
One we like to use if Source / Medium. This way you can see exactly where visitors are coming and going.

If you have any questions regarding these reports or want to understand how to optimize your site please feel free to Contact Us.


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