How To Increase Email Marketing List & First Time Order Ratios – 12% Increase, $219K Boost
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How We Increased an Email Marketing List & First Time Order Ratios - 12k email Increase, $219K Boost

Published 3/30/2020

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Email marketing offers a high Return On Investment (ROI) when executed properly. The primary metrics you are looking for are:

  • How many email addresses are in your list?
  • What open rate are you getting when sending emails?
  • Of that; how many people click through to your site?
  • How much revenue is being generated?
  • How do I get more emails into my list?

Below we go through a client who increased their email list size by 12k. They raised their revenue, and order conversion rates by using this technique. 

How we increased 12k new emails contacts with a 218K revenue lift

In this scenario we used the shopping cart platform Magento version 2.3. However these are universal methods which can be applied to Woocommerce, Shopify and others.

Pop up email collector

Studies have shown by simply asking for a customer’s email address there’s an 55% chance they’ll give it to you.

Now add that with an enticing offer those numbers go up to 77%.

So to combine both of these we created a single pop up which showed up 3 seconds after the page had loaded, offering a 15% off coupon once they signed up.

The opt in rate went for 0 to ~20%, meaning 5 of every 100 visitors we got an email. 

This was a decent result for a control group.

Method Continued

A majority of site visitors are now using a mobile device to view the page. So now we need to segment the pop up by device or viewport size.

For mobile visitors we made sure the 15% off was the first thing they saw. Then the pop up was delayed to show 5 seconds after the page load. This was because we were opting in truly engaged visitors.

Tablet users pop up was delayed to show 4 seconds after page load with a slightly larger image than mobile.

Desktop users also received the pop up at 4 second page load regardless what page they entered the site on. This way if they were navigating pages faster than 4 seconds they could see the offer on the page which they were most engaged on.

The Outcome

This project was run for 45 days, with 12,096 new emails collected with 12.69% of the users creating the order with the coupon supplied.

Emails Collected
0 %
Conversion Rate

Justifying a Discount

For many companies giving away 15% of a sale is difficult (likely the reason most wouldn’t sell on Amazon).

First, it’s best to understand that by collecting this customer’s email you’ve now gained access to their inbox. You have another chance to sell this customer an item. 80% of customers who place a second order on the same site will create a 3rd.

If you want to get analytical with it, you can calculate the average Customer Lifetime Value. The most basic way to do this is take the customer’s total revenue annually and multiply that by the amount of order’s they’ve created. You can also subtract the 15% discount amount from this.

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